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Land and Water ecosystems alongs with its all inhabitants have been facing destructive consequences due to all our environmental actions that we have been doing for years now. The Planet Earth is not only home to us human beings but it is also a home to many other living organisms and it is indeed a moral responsibility of as a responsible human to protect the Mother Earth for the well being of ourselves, our future generation and for all those other living creatures out there, as in nature anything doesn’t exist alone but it is interconnected with each other. The More we take care of it, the more it will be feasible and cohesive for living, as a healthy planet is now not an option - but a necessity. At Gravity Club Resorts, we take pride in ourselves for our sincere and collaborative efforts towards protection of the environment. We have made it our mission that we would be building luxury and royalty for our valued members across our associated resorts to give them the best of holiday experiences one can give but not at the cost of the environment and thus we are promoting reforms for luxury and royal feel through a sustainable environment causing no harm to nature.

Park your cars for free with ease at all our resort's parking areas which are safe and secure.

Share all your vacation photos and videos instantly with your friends and family with Free WiFi High-Speed Internet Services from all our Properties.

All our Resorts are facilitated with super-efficient and high-quality air conditioning units that would enhance our guest's delightful room experience.

Guests can avail of Room Service 24*7 whenever they are in need of anything or having some trouble with their stay at all our associated resort partners.

In case of power shortage or any issue related to power, all our resorts are well equipped with power backup whenever needed leading to a power failure.

All our resorts offer professional dry cleaning services with complete customer satisfaction guaranteed and unmatched convenience.

Experience the peaceful and blissful baths at all our resorts and take advantage of all the skincare, body care, and hair care cosmetics available at all properties.

For the massive load of dirty towels, sheets, clothes, and other laundry that is produced each night on your vacations, each of our Resorts are facilitated with an efficient laundry service.

All our resorts are well facilitated with an intercom facility to solve your problems and issues by our associates in a matter of minutes through a call.

For all your essential and expensive clothes all our resorts are well equipped with Ironing Services that assure to maintain the quality of your clothes and give you complete satisfaction.

Stay updated with the news that are doing rounds around the world, even on your Vacations, as all our resorts are very well facilitated with Daily Newspapers.

All our resorts are well equipped with Public Restrooms that are spotlessly clean and are supplied with a great selection of luxurious toiletries.

Rainy Weather can't stop you from exploring nearby areas on your vacations as all our properties are very well facilitated with umbrellas for your whole family.

Plan the short trek in the neighborhood of the property you are staying for your vacation and have our back if it's dark up there on the way with torches available at all our resorts.

Plan your leisure and relaxation activities on a fun pool day by the side of a cool watered swimming pool on a wet hot day under the sun with your family at all our resorts.

Approved by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation. Tied up with Jungle Lodge and Resorts (Govt. of Karnataka undertaking)